Website Insight

We have a number of tools and solutions to help clients to develop their websites to get the most from them.

This includes:

Website Insight

We provide an insight report for your website showing the composition of each page.  This is particularly valuable if you are looking to better understand how your site works and how it compares with other sites.

Fast site performance is becoming increasingly important with the continued growth of mobile devices accessing the web.  You will be able to see the composition of each page to see which elements are slowing your site down.

On-page SEO report

Provides a clear report showing how your website compares to other sites in your market that are competing for the same keywords.  You will be provided with a report showing how key elements of your website compare with sites that are performing well for chosen keywords with chosen search engines.

Broken Link Report / Spell Checking

It sounds simple but its an important thing to check for your sites.  Broken links are not only very frustrating to your users but can also harm your search engine rankings.

Our software will scan your site and provide you with a comprehensive report showing broken links, not found resources as well as suspect spellings on each page.

For a small site this is simple to do your self but our software can check sites with thousands of pages and hundreds of thousands of links.