Product Listings

Retail partners using automated feeds

We own and manage a number of popular websites which include shop elements to them.  Our shopping areas cover a wide range of markets from camping equipment, kitchen equipment and baby gear to name but a few.  We also have general product comparison sites as well as promotion and voucher code based sites.

Bespoke integration of products

We also work with a number of organisations to incorporate their product inventory on a manual basis.  This is particularly relevant in the holiday accommodation industry.  We can integrate cottages, lodges, holiday parks and campsites into our popular sites manually to ensure customers can make like for like comparisons.

Affiliate networks

We work with most of the large affiliate partnership networks and sites are automatically updated on a regular basis using csv or xml feeds.  We are able to work on a cost per click or cost per sale basis with partners.

Contact us

If you have a product range you think would work well on one or more of our sites we would love to hear from you.  Once we agreed terms we work with you to include your product inventory on our sites.